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What are the benefits of Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma is a business success philosophy in some companies, but a flavour of the month programme in others. It is integrated into the problem solving approaches of the company in certain cases with great success, but in most cases, organizations and management practices may not sufficiently to use data to drive decision making (which is what Six Sigma is about, at many levels). That said, Six Sigma training/skills may be exactly what some of these organizations require. Getting trained in the Six Sigma tool set is now easier than it was, with a number of organizations offering training programmes that meet RABQSA requirements. Additionally, companies like GE, Motorola, Caterpillar and others have well developed internal training programmes that develop the ability of managers to use the tools and methods in the Six Sigma tool set in projects.

The value of Six Sigma certification is not limited to large organizations. In consulting firms, one needs to address the needs of diverse companies, and that makes a certification in Six Sigma tools and methods valuable. In manufacturing facilities small and large that deal with moderate or large production volumes, the methods used in Six Sigma come into play. A lot of the cost of designs are built into them, and using approaches like the Taguchi method can improve the costs associated with sub-optimal design. These are also part of the spectrum of Six Sigma tools and methods. Ultimately, it is important to understand what Six Sigma gives you – the ability to look at data and interpret it analytically or statistically being just one of them, and besides this, skills in process mapping/representation, risk management methods, studying the capability of processes, setting benchmarks within organizations, and more. These skills may be called by other names in other industries, but will continue to be important in future.


Value Of Six Sigma

There’s two kinds of value: *Value to the individual (that’s you!) Higher salary on average Greater self confidence – with the ability to summon the power of problem solving at your disposal, you feel much more confident as an individual It teaches you how to think like a leader – it makes you results oriented; it also teaches you how to huddle a team around a cause and lead them to success. If you’re lucky, you get a Black Belt title. Priceless. *Value to the company They get a problem solving wizard. There are very few jobs on the face of this planet that do not require some sort of problem solving ability. It’s essential for most management level positions. (That’s why many jobs in my former GE would indicate a Six Sigma requirement on the job posting). Massive gains. A Six Sigma Green Belt project is usually in the $MM range in terms of savings gains (efficiency, cost reduction, cycle time, etc.). That pay the man’s salary several times over in just a single initiative.