What is Sigma?

SIX SIGMA is a data-driven approach or method that eliminates errors and defects in a process. This process could be the quality of a manufactured item or to meet the standard promised goals to the client.

It is basically a set of tools and techniques used to improve unknown problems.

Six Sigma Certification adds to your resume and is definitely something which the companies are looking for these days.

To get Six Sigma Certification I would recommend Meritphase.

Six Sigma Green Belt

Medium: Live online training and Classroom training

Duration: 20 hours

Certification: After 15 days of training, the online examination is conducted. Based on the performance, a certificate is provided.

Course Curriculum

The course consists of 6 modules.

Introduction to Six Sigma

(History and Evolution )


(consists of SIPOC, Project Charter, KANO Model, Process mapping and more)


(consists of data, it’s collection and classification, Statistics, Mean, Median, Range and Mode. Also, Case Studies, Histogram and Plot)


( includes Measurement System Analysis, Accuracy and Precision, Process Capability and Capability formulas)


( includes Improvement Strategy, Brainstorming, 5S, Mistake-Proofing, Automation, Regression, and Correlation )


(includes Statistical Process Control, SPC Selection Process, Control Plan)

Why choose?

This course by Meritphase is globally recognised and it is delivered by highly trained officials.

This course has a high demand and provides great exposure.

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