Certified Quality of Manager

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The CQM may be the ASQC’s crown jewel certification. It is a formal recognition by ASQC that a person has demonstrated proficiency, knowledge and comprehension of the CQM body of knowledge. For legal reasons, ASQC calls it a peer recognition, not a professional recognition or license. ASQC defines the CQM as a: “professional who understands quality standards and concepts, can implement organizational assessment and maintain customer satisfaction and focus. The Certified Quality Manager should manage projects supporting strategic objectives and motivate human resource in the support of organizational goals.”

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  • Quality managers or individuals looking to achieve their IQS Certification in Certified Quality Manager should attend this training.
  • A Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence facilitates and leads team efforts to establish and monitor customer/supplier relations, supports strategic planning and deployment initiatives, and helps develop measurement systems to determine organizational improvement.
  • The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence should be able to motivate and evaluate staff, manage projects and human resources, analyze financial situations, determine and evaluate risk, and employ knowledge management tools and techniques in resolving organizational challenges.
  • The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence evolved from the certified quality manager as a way to broaden the scope of the examination. The Quality Management Division surveyed certified quality managers and other recognized subject matter experts.
  • All professionals in Quality management, mid and senior management of any industry.

Prior knowledge of quality or quality management is recommended as this course is designed as a review of the subject areas needed for the CQM exam.

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