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The Boom of HR Analytics:

Increased need for data and analytics tool in HR to make better HR decisions.Better Quality of Hire is      one of the HR data analytics benefits.A vital benefit of HR metrics and analytics is Employee Retention Transformation of HR as a strategic partner is one of the benefits of Workforce analytics  Business analytics in HR can help predict the hiring needs of an Organization Organizations can better struggle in competitive market either it be globally or locally using the useful information.

Niche creation with our programs of Business Analytics:

Analytics is based on data. HR analytics is the science of gathering, organizing and analyzing the data related to HR functions like recruitment, talent management, employee engagement, performance and retention to ensure better decision making in all these areas. By using various types of HR software and technology, HR departments are creating a large amount of data every day. However, the objective of HR analytics is to actually make sense of this data and turn it into valuable insight.

Today, HR analytics is being used by businesses across the globe. For high-performance employers, a smart HR analytics strategy can unleash several overarching benefits, while improving the ROI. 

Walk With Us:

With Meritphase HR analytics program, you will extract much more valuable data and information. Based on the historical patterns, this program mainly focuses on the econometrics, forecasting, future predictions of the outcome and time series analysis. This program makes an extensive use of statistical, data, quantitative analysis; facts based management and the predictive modeling for driving the decision making.

Benefits in career:

This business analytics is used across all the organizations and functions like e-commerce, law enforcement, information technology, healthcare, banking and insurance, human resource management and even biotechnology. Some areas of working where it is applicable is target marketing, product analysis, social media behavior, customer lifecycle management, fraud detection, link analysis, inventory management, genetic research and many more. Some of the roles that a business analytics play across industries are:

Intelligence Analyst

Business Analyst HR Analytics

Basic HR procss and HR

HR Analytics Specialist

Manager-Compensation & Workforce Analytics

Director of Global HR Reporting and Analytics

Candidates from Recruitment background

SAP CO Business Analyst

Professional looking to learn HR Analytics

Imagery Analyst

Fresh HR Graduates who wish to learn avanced HR Systems

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Contract Analyst

HR Business patner

SAP PP Senior Analyst

Course Index:

Day 1 Day 2

Introduction to HR Analytics

HR KPI Scorecard

HRM in Changing Context

HR Audit and Benchmarking

HR Cost Benefit Metrics

People Capabality Maturity Model 

Talent Analytics Maturity Model

Implementing HR Analytics

Recruitment Planning

Case Study
Practical Hands On Experience


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