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About Financial Modeling Course

Financial Modeling refers to an abstract representation of the data in a numeric and simple manner in order to make important financial decisions for the company. It is mathematical models designed on the computer program such as Excel to represent the financial asset, project, portfolio, business or any kind of financial investment. In simple words, financial modeling is like watching the future of the business and taking necessary actions to increase the revenue, cash flow and earning of the company.

Why learn Financial Modeling

Owing to the rapid transformations in the economy, demand for the financial modeling courses has been on a rise. Financial modeling courses not only imparts adequate knowledge regarding financial documentation and its need but also lay emphasis on gaining knowledge about financial statement preparations, the cash flow and return aspect, future investment and growth scope, valuation of assets in a said venture. Financial modeling course ideally serves the requirement to shape up a professional’s understanding to build a model with necessary assumptions that can thrive in the real world.

Online Course In Compliance With Market Demand

Here at Meritphase we give you the opportunity to grow in this booming industry with a tried and tested Online Financial Modeling Course. The course structure gives you an added advantage of not only qualifying in any foundational finance exam or acquiring any Finance modeling certification but also to communicate well in the language of the finance industry, giving you the leverage to face interviews where your basics are challenged. This Online course teaches you to make your elementary projections regarding the market set up clear, so that you can handle the plight of any corporate undertaking. The art of speculation with required understanding of applied conditions is what we in our Financial Modeling course aim at.

At the end of this Online Course you walk out with confidence to take over the uncertainties of the erratic market and prove to be an asset for the establishment you serve.

Career Benefits:

With excellent knowledge in this field, each industry will have something lucrative to offer you. Following are some of the job profiles you can target:

Group Manager – Acquisitions

Investment Partner

Financial Modeling & Audit Manager

Business Analyst

Project Manager for Financial Model Conversion

Equity Research Analyst

VP/AVP – Debt Markets Advisory

Research Analyst – Economic Data

Market Risk/Risk Management

Venture Analyst

Market Data Quantitative Analyst


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