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VAT Stand For

VAT stands for value added tax. A value added tax is just what the name implies that it is. It is a tax on the value added to a product or service as it flows through the supply chain. The total tax burden is the same as an equivalent Sales Tax, but rather than all being collected at the final retail sale, it’s progressively collected at each stage of production.VAT stands for “Value-Added Tax.” It’s a consumption tax that applies to all goods and services, whether physical or digital. That means every time a customer purchases a good or service, they pay VAT on the spot.
Meritphase has a proven track record of helping solve tomorrow’s problems today and at the heart of that is our belief in the importance of training. Mritphase has designed a suite of VAT training courses for all levels of staff in both corporate and government sectors. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills to embrace the many challenges of this new regime.

Overview and learning objectives

The course will set out the basic principles of VAT systems used by various developing countries and advanced economies including the definition of a taxable person, what constitutes a taxable supply for VAT purposes and how a business can deduct the VAT it incurs. Throughout the course, a comparison between the VAT systems, with examples from different jurisdictions worldwide, will be provided in order to compare and contrast different regimes.
Participants should, at the end of the course, be able to identify and understand the concepts of different VAT/GST jurisdictions and address the complex issues that can arise for international businesses conducting transactions between these jurisdictions.

Value Added Tax is already implemented in most parts of the world and now it is Gulf’s turn.Tax Accountant are in high demand now in the Gulf as GCC is implementing VAT. This course helps the Accountants and the stakeholders to understand VAT Concepts and Operations and it provide guidance on VAT Accounting.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for practitioners in tax advisory firms, tax specialists in commerce and industry, and government officials.

Course level And Prerequisites

Participants taking this course will be expected to have a good understanding of a VAT system. The course is designed for tax professionals who want to learn more about complex issues and arrangements that are of particular interest to businesses operating in an international, cross-border context.


Course Index:

Day 1 Day 2

GCC Framework

Place of Supply

Concept of VAT

Reverse Charge Mechanism

Scope of VAT

Value of Supply

Meaning of Supply including Deemed,

Tax Period, Returns, Payment and Recovery of

Meaning of Supply including Deemed, Exempted and Zero-Rated supplies

Tax Period, Returns, Payment and Recovery of

Import and Export of Goods and Services


Concept of Designated Zone and VAT implications

Transitional Provisions



Meritphase provides following VAT related services:

VAT Registration.

Financial impact analysis of VAT.

Defining procedure for companies regarding VAT accounting and invoicing.

Agreement Analysis with business process to identify gaps in the system.

Supporting System for development reports leading to compliances.

VAT implementation in terms of changes required in business processes, softwares, reports and documentation.

VAT return Filings and compliances.

Corporate trainings -preparing training manuals and imparting training.

Why Meritphase?

Meritphase have a team of well-qualified professionals who have been serving in the industry indirect taxation for a number of years and have amassed a huge popularity among clients. The team includes industry veteran who are serving a wide range of clients for over 5 years, and young guns who learn & deliver in coping with latest technology. The team has experience of successfull implementation of new tax systems across the border including India’s GST, Saudi Arabia’s VAT, and others. We have worked with various multinational clients across the globe and have helped in tax management strategically . Meritphase is currently helping finance professionals in 15 countries on direct and indirect taxes. You can get a whole bouquet of tax services under one roof at Maritphase.


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