Business Analytics

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The certified Business Analytics Course has been developed by Meritphase in collaboration with tech giant. The demand for business analysts has grown many fold over the last few years. This has created huge opportunities for people from non-programming backgrounds.

Companies across the globe have taken the approach of analyzing tons of data that they generate as a part of their business. The analysis helps these companies obtain valuable insights that take the profitability to great heights. Being one of the pioneers of upskilling learners in the Data Analytics field, Meritphase has come up with a curriculum that matches the market requirement with great precision. Alongside the curriculum, Meritphase is known for its quality service.

To master the concepts of Business Analytics blended model of learning is required. In this model participants avail themselves live online and e-learning (recorded session) with a single enrollment. A combination of these 2 will produce a synergistic impact on the learning.

  • Meritphase Business Analytics curriculum has been meticulously designed from basics to advance topics to ensure that even fresher to Business Analytics can master the course easily.
  • We tailored the course content periodically according to the changing needs of the industry.  
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