Financial Data Modeling

Financial Modeling is a key skill with application in several areas within banking and finance industry as well as within corporations. In financial modeling, you learn to gather historical information on companies and analyze company / industry performance on various financial parameters. This analysis is then used to build a company’s financial model, which in turn is key to projecting a future financial performance. Based on this model companies / investors can arrive at a suitable valuation for the companies. This program is suitable for people in the fields of Investment Banking, Project Management, Equity Research, Business Planning & Strategy, Private Equity Funds, and Commercial Banking. It is also ideal for CAs, CFAs, FRMs, MBAs Finance professionals, B. Tech graduates and Commerce graduates who desire a career in the given profiles.

Through practical examples and annotated Excel guides, these courses will discuss theories, approaches and applications of financial modeling. The participants will have the opportunity to construct a model of their own to apply the lessons learned in the lectures. These courses will benefit any professional required to create financial projections.

  • Data Collection from Public Sources
  • Understanding the Business Profile of the Company
  • Modeling Revenue and Expenses Drivers
  • Modeling Income Statement
  • Modeling Implied EBITDA
  • Balance Sheet Projections
  • Cash Flow Statement Projection
  • Performing Valuation and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Calculating Enterprise Value and Implied Market capitalization

Our established teaching reputation speaks for itself. With our seasoned instructors, real world experience and knowledge, we have the passion to deliver topics in an insightful way. This allows for discussions and exercises to come alive. Meritphase teaching methodology isn’t to just teach the mechanics but to cultivate the next generation of finance professionals. Our experiential teaching platform of incorporating practical examples, active learning and case study-based curriculum drive our mission to make you “desk ready”. Under the guidance of industry professionals, you learn to build Financial Models from scratch and understand the industry and business through various case-studies that the faculty member has experienced first-hand. The methodology offers real-life challenges, compelling learners to apply relevant concepts in class and prepare them for career realities.

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